List of Sankei Building Group Companies

Company Information

The Sankei Building Co., Ltd.

  • Building Business
  • Residential Business
  • Senior Housing Management Business
  • Hotel Resort Business

Sankei Building Group Companies

  • Sankei Kaikan Co., Ltd.
    Management/planning development /operation outsourcing of restaurant facilities, planned operation catering for parties, development/acquirement/operation of outsourced operations of catering services for nursing home facilities, operation of leased conference rooms, etc.
  • Sankei Bldg. Techno Co., Ltd.
    Planning/operation of events and exhibitions. Television studio set production. Planning/designing/construction of interiors for offices/condominiums/nursing homes, etc.
  • Sankei Building Maintenance Service Co., Ltd.
    Overall maintenance services (building facility management/security/cleaning).
  • BREEZÈ ARTS Co., Ltd.
    Management and provision of various shows at Sankei Breeze hall located in Nishi Umeda, Osaka.
  • Sankei Building Well Care Co., Ltd.
    Set-up and operation of senior citizens home and serviced aged-care residential facilities, visiting care business, home-nursing business, general nursing business, real estate rental business.
  • GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.
    Hotel/restaurant business, aquarium business, golf course business, automobile business.

Fujisankei Communications Group

Fujisankei Communications Group

The Fujisankei Communications Group (FCG; President: Hisashi Hieda) is Japan’s largest mass media conglomerate consisting of 92 companies, 4 corporations, 3 musuems and employs 16,000 people. 
The Fujisankei Communications Group has been highly praised for its accomplishments in a broad range of fields from television, newspapers, radio, publishing, film, music, software package sales, and communication sales to the real estate business. The Group strives forward in its cultural businesses, which include he Hakone Open-Air Museum, The Utsukushigahara Open-Air Museum and The Ueno Royal Museum, in addition to the “Praemium Imperiale” award in honor of Prince Takamatsu of the Royal Family, which has become known as the Cultural Nobel Prize by the mass media inside and outside of Japan.

Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.

Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. (President and COO: Shuji Kano) is the first certified broadcasting shareholding company in Japan that was established in 2008 as part of the Fujisankei Communications Group, which is the Japan’s largest largest mass media conglomerate. The Fuji Media Holdings defines mass media as “contents to connect each person to person” and it is composed of approximately 90 subsidiaries in seven business groups that include “production”, “video” and “music”, “life information”, “advertising”, “urban development”, and “other publishing and information” in addition to “broadcasting”, which is centered around the Fuji Television Network, Inc.. Sankei Building is part of the urban development group and it is growing its business by creating and providing real estate development such as building leasing, building management, and residences as well as urban lifestyle spaces such as the operation of commercial facilities and restaurants.