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President Shinichiro Samejima The Sankei Building Management Co., Ltd.President Shinichiro Samejima
The Sankei Building Management Co., Ltd.

Total Support of Real Estate Management

“Real estate management from entry to exit”
2013 was a great milestone as a year that posed the new ideal state of real estate management support for Sankei Building Management.
Sankei Building Management Co., Ltd was established to take the role of managing facilities by merging two Sankei Group companies. An organization is ready to support a series of real estate management services from purchasing of real estate and management to sale.

We have supported a diverse range of properties such as media buildings, office buildings, commercial facilities, factories, and condominiums for many years with our real estate management services. Our companies will unite in full force as a Group toward maximizing the value of our customers’ real estate assets while fully responding in “one-stop” to facilitate broad-range of needs that include the resolution of customer challenges related to real estate, now and into the future.

We will strive ceaselessly to continue being a trusted partner to our stakeholders, such as property owners to tenants, by aspiring the provision of higher level services that realizes “real estate management from entry to exit” while endeavoring daily as a specialized Group in real estate management support.
We look forward to your continuing encouragement and ongoing support to our purpose.